Kubota tractor maintenance schedule feature
Posted 24/07/2018
Kubota Maintenance Schedule & Intervals

Adhering to your Kubota tractor maintenance schedule can extend the useful life of your Kubota machine, and keep your unexpected costs to a minimum. Learn more about why following a Kubota maintenance schedule is important.

Kubota ROPS bar feature
Posted 24/07/2018
Kubota Roll Over Protection Bars - ROPS on Tractors

Kubota ROPS on tractors are critical to preventing rollover accidents that lead to serious injury or death. Learn more about how Kubota ROPS are implemented on new and old models, and how they benefit you.

What year is my Kubota?
Posted 28/06/2018
What Year Was My Kubota Tractor Made?

What year was my Kubota tractor made? If you don't know where to look ahead of time, finding the answer to this question can be difficult and frustrating. Learn more about how to use a Kubota serial number search to get the answers you need.

best sub-compact tractor thumb
Posted 28/06/2018
Who Makes the Best Sub-Compact Tractor? | Kubota vs. John Deere Sub-Compact

Who makes the best sub-compact tractor for your needs? Check out this sub-compact tractor comparison guide, and make the decision for yourself, then contact the experts at Bobby Ford Tractor & Equipment today!

Kubota vs. Mahindra
Posted 31/05/2018
Mahindra vs. Kubota

Commercial businesses and consumers choose Kubota or Mahindra tractors based on how well the equipment meets their unique needs. Ultimately, every customer wants to minimize equipment downtime and maximize productivity. Commercial businesses and consumers choose Kubota vs. Mahindra tractors based on how well the equipment meets their unique needs.

how to choose a tractor
Posted 31/05/2018
What Size Tractor Do I Need? | Kubota Horsepower, Transmissions & More

Kubota’s extensive line of tractors meets the diverse needs of many different types of customers, and can you leave you wondering - what size tractor do I need? There are numerous Kubota tractor sizes and types. Learn more about your options, and what to consider before making a purchase.

Kubota 141 M6 Tractor with Loader
Posted 24/04/2018
Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment Kubota Field Event

Monday, April 23rd through Saturday, April 28th, Bobby Ford Tractor and Equipment is having their Kubota Field Event featuring a “Ride and Drive," mower giveaway, and Kubota M6 Tractor closeout sale.

who makes Kubota
Posted 10/04/2018
Where Are Kubota Tractors Made? | Tractor/Engine Manufacturing Locations

Where are Kubota Tractors made? Kubota has multiple manufacturing and assembly facilities right here in the USA. Learn more about these facilities and their throughput.

beet juice in tires
Posted 20/03/2018
Filling Tractor Tires with Fluid Ballast | Which Fluid to Use, and How

Adding tractor tire ballast can lower your center of gravity, increase traction, and counterbalance front loaders and accessories. Learn which liquid ballast for tractor tires you should use for different situations.

troubleshooting Kubota Injection Pump
Posted 06/03/2018
Troubleshooting Kubota Injection Pump | Diesel Engine Troubleshooting

Kubota diesel engines are some of the most dependable engines out there. On rare occasions, you may need to know how troubleshoot your diesel engine - here's how.

Posted 22/02/2018
Choosing the Best Small Farm Tractor for the Money

There are many brands of small farm tractors available for sale in the U.S., and it’s a good idea to choose from those that are easily accessible.

Posted 22/02/2018
5 Critical Facts About Kubota Gray Market Tractors & Parts

Kubota gray market tractors are units designed and manufactured strictly for the Japanese domestic market. These gray market tractors made it into the United States through unauthorized channels, not through Kubota.

Posted 30/01/2018
Kubota Introduces Four New Utility-Class Specialty Ag Tractors

Designed Specifically for Vineyards, Orchards and Row Crops M-Series Introductions Include Three Narrow Tractors and One Low Profile Model